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(A) Fusion Access
The Fusion Access Membership is for the Gym Junkie, people who know their way around the gym and how to utilise fitness equipment. If you’re someone who understands the difference between compound and isolated movements, the importance of programming and how to progressively overload, then go ahead and sign up.If you don’t? We advise you to have a chat with us and make sure you’re not wasting your time and money on a gym membership that you’re likely to cancel after three months. The good news is, we can help you make sure you don’t waste your money; book a free 15min intro today!

What's Fusion Access Include;
- Access to Fusion Health Club 24/7

Limit: 0 class per Week
Programs: Open Gym
LocationsFusion Health Club & CrossFit Renmark
From A$31.90
(B) Fusion Premium
The Fusion Standard Membership is for the everyday person, someone who needs a little guidance, needs help with motivation and needs to be kept accountable. The standard membership will help you understand major compound movements and how the body functionally moves. If you’re someone who has a weight loss goal, strength goal or you want to be healthier and fitter for everyday life, this membership is for you! To find out more; book a free 15 min intro today!

What's the Fusion Standard membership include;
>Access to Fusion Health Club/CrossFit Renmark 24/7
>Unlimited Group Training
>Free tracking smartphone app.
>Heart rate monitoring through MyZone
>Free Nutrition and Mobility guidance
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: CrossFit, Fusion 45, Fusion Bootcamp, Open Gym
LocationsFusion Health Club & CrossFit Renmark
From A$37.50
(C) Fusion Pro Semi-Private
The Fusion Pro Semi-Private Membership is for someone serious about making real change!
Here's couple of example of who we help!
- You're someone who wants to train and be pain-free
- You're someone who wants to lose weight and keep it off forever
- You're someone who wants to improve in their chosen sport and being able to perform at the highest level.
- You're someone who needs to grow some confidence and self-esteem

Whatever you’re desired destination may be. This is tailored package to what you require as an individual. You'll chat to a coach, we will plan and execute.

You're not just getting a personal trainer, you'll get a LIFE coach!
- Orthopaedic Body Assessment
- Health and Fitness Coaching
- Nutrition Guidance
- Individualised strength and conditioning programming tailored to a specific goal
- Periodic monthly check-ins either face to face or live video.
- A friend who wants to help.

Plus the generic gym membership that includes;
- 24/7 Access to Fusion Health Club/CrossFit Renmark
- Unlimited Group Training

Limit: Unlimited
Programs: CrossFit, Fusion 45, Open Gym
LocationsFusion Health Club & CrossFit Renmark
(X) Fusion Online Coaching
Can't physically attend the gym? No worries! We got you.

We'll help you get to peak performance by providing you our three M's approach online.

- Get Custom Macro Nutrient Meal Planning
- Custom Movement Training Plan tailored to your goal whether it's home or at another gym.
- Get coaching, let's face it, being healthy isn't just about eating and training, we'll coach you with your mind to be a happier version of you!

For more informaion email info@fusionhealthclub.com.au

Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Open Gym
LocationsFusion Health Club & CrossFit Renmark
(Z) Fusion Life Changer Nutrition Program
NON Members are Welcome, this is an online program.
Limit: Unlimited
Programs: Open Gym
LocationsFusion Health Club & CrossFit Renmark
From A$25.00
Fusion Bootcamp
12 Week Summer Shred and Conditioning.

- Ideal for beginners in Fitness, as all movements are functional and simple. Nothing complex.

- Brilliant time for winter sports athletes who want to keep the good condition for next year! Essentially replacing training and gameday into a hardcore shredding workout. 

And finally, if you're looking to get ready for summer! It's a no brainer, program finishes on the first month of Summer (December).

Limit: 3 classes per Week
Programs: Fusion Bootcamp
LocationsFusion Health Club & CrossFit Renmark
From A$30.00